Author: Mel Bergstedt

How Do You Define What It Means To Be A “Good” Kid?

September 9, 2014

In a recent conversation with my son, he was joking around and saying that he was a good-looking kid, and listing what he believed to be his finest qualities. It was kind of a goofy conversation, but then it took on a more serious tone when he asked if I...

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A Lesson In Responsibility

September 3, 2014

At a recent family gathering, my 11-yr old son was playing basketball with his older cousin.  Never one to shy away from competition, he ignored the fact that he is significantly shorter than his cousin, and played with the same intensity that he...

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June 20, 2014

Every year, Camps send out packing lists with suggestions of what and how much to pack.  It’s important to stick to the packing list, since the lists are normally catered to our camp! Camp Directors have been sending out these lists for years, and...

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Getting to Know George Paitich – Upper Sophomore Boys Group Leader

June 11, 2014

George hails from St. Paul, MN.  Like many boys from the Twin Cities, George grew up playing hockey, but also had a strong passion for football. This coming summer will be George’s second year at Iroquois Springs.  Prior to becoming the Upper...

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Getting to Know Larry Wilensky – Camp Historian, Storyteller, Traditional Event Specialist

June 3, 2014

Larry is truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to Iroquois Springs, or any other camp for that matter.  His history with the camp pre-dates the name change which coincided with the ownership change.  In a sense, Larry is the thread that connects the...

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Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education

May 28, 2014

The Iroquois Springs team recently had the pleasure of attending the SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) benefit dinner.  SCOPE is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide children in need the edge to succeed in life...

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Getting To Know Emma Goodman – Junior Girls Group Leader

May 27, 2014

Emma is returning for her third summer at Iroquois Springs. She is excited to be back with the girls that she has been with since the beginning as they become Juniors this summer. Emma’s journey to Junior Girls Group Leader began when she attended...

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Getting To Know Sarah Bush – Upper Senior Girls Group Leader

May 21, 2014

This summer, Sarah will be the Group Leader for the Upper Senior Girls  (going into 9th grade).  As a group leader, Sarah is responsible for ensuring the emotional and physical well-being of her campers, while providing support and guidance to the...

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Getting To Know Tammy Zornberg – Tour Director

May 15, 2014

Getting To Know Tammy Zornberg – Tour Director As Tour Director, Tammy welcomes prospective campers and their families to Iroquois Springs, and helps to familiarize them with the facilities, the culture and the wide array of activities...

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Teaching Kids to Make Lemonade Out of Life’s Lemons

May 7, 2014

Disappointments are an unavoidable part of life.  Though wallowing may seem perfectly justified in the moment, we are all capable of choosing to look at the bright side when disappointing situations arise.  It is  hard enough for adults to deal...

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