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Getting to Know Billie Vance

Billie Vance

Where are you FromBunbury, Western Australia

Years at Camp: 1

Position at Camp: Lifeguard / Swim Instructor

Why did you decide to work at camp this summer?

I decided to work at camp this summer to try something completely new and exciting !

What are you looking to learn from this summer?

I am looking to hopefully gain some new skills and knowledge, there are so many different activities at camp and I’m so excited to learn a bit about each one.

What do you think you can bring to camp this summer which will impact our campers?

I am excited to teach the campers a forever skill- swimming! I love reading so hopefully I can recommend some good books and bring a few Aussie classics with me to share.

What are you looking forward to most about this summer?
Working with the campers, traveling, meeting new people, trying new things and living my best life.

Tell us an interesting fact/story about yourself!
An interesting fact about me is I went to a farm school (2300 acres)!  We were taught industry training with emphasis on agriculture. With only 170 students we could bring our own horses and motorbikes to school with us . We had cows, sheep, a dairy, pigs, crops, vineyards and everything else a working farm could need. A great story I like telling is when we had a hidden Joey in our dorm until it was discovered and handled into the rescue center.