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Getting to Brodie MacDonald

Brodie MacDonald

Where are you FromDarlington, England

Years at Camp: 1

Position at Camp: Woodworking Specialist

Why did you decide to work at camp this summer?
I decided to work at Iroquois Springs this summer because i want to experience teaching around the world and because I love American culture!

What are you looking to learn from this summer?
I think I will be most looking forward to learning from the campers. I feel that sometimes kids can hold more wisdom than adults, and I am excited to see all they have to offer, while teaching them myself. I also can’t wait to learn all about camp, as I never did it myself as a kid.

What do you think you can bring to camp this summer which will impact our campers?
I love to have fun in big groups, and I think the campers will be able to feel that from me straight away. I can’t wait to share my skills and experiences with the campers and form incredible relationships with them.

What are you looking forward to most about this summer?
I would say I am most looking forward to the shared feeling of accomplishment, completing any solo project is great, but having the chance to enable someone else to have that feeling will be so rewarding. 

Tell us an interesting fact/story about yourself!
I am self taught on the drums!!