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Getting to Know Kacee Kehoe-Amsler

Kacee Kehoe-Amsler

Where are you FromCortland, Ohio

Years at Camp: 2

Position at Camp: Nurse

Why did you decide to work at camp this summer? 

This will be my second summer at IS. My daughters made such great friends and had an amazing summer we all couldn’t wait to come back!

What are you looking to learn from this summer?

What I am hoping to achieve this summer is helping campers and staff stay healthy and happy!

What do you think you can bring to camp this summer which will impact our campers?

I believe what I can bring to camp this summer which will impact our campers is making sure they are all well cared for, as a mom and a nurse, that’s what we do best!  They brighten my day just as much with their smiles and humor!  

What are you looking forward to most about this summer?

This summer I am most looking forward to walks around camp, seeing friends again, the laughs we have and just the day to day of camp life! ….annnnnddd extreme canteen. 

Tell us an interesting fact/story about yourself!

An interesting fact about me is, in my spare moments, I enjoy painting, singing and playing guitar.