Job Descriptions

Cabin Specialist

  • Live in a cabin with a group of 10–13 campers and 2 co-counselors
  • Act as a leader, guide, helper and positive role-model of assigned campers
  • Maintain maximum safety for campers at all times
  • Participate in all daily camp activities with campers and other staff
  • Make sure campers are prepared to participate in daily activities
  • Establish an individual relationship with each camper
  • Lead and/or assist in particular program areas
  • Put the needs of campers before personal needs
  • Oversee campers daily routine of bunk cleanliness, personal hygiene, sleep and rest
  • Help campers develop life skills including independence, cooperation, responsibility and perseverance
  • Know and follows all camp policies
  • Participate in pre-camp training and weekly staff meetings with Directors/Head Counselors
  • Prepare a daily written camper report relating to observations of each camper’s experience
  • Be a Difference Maker!

Activity Specialist

  • Live in a cabin with a group of 10–13 campers and 2 co-counselors
  • Provide quality instruction in specialized program area. (i.e. coaching soccer or teaching ceramics)
  • Provide age specific activities/drills for all age groups
  • Role model appropriate behaviors to all campers in program area
  • Be creative and innovative in keeping program area fresh and exciting
  • Have the ability to wear “two hats”, when not instructing in specialized area, fulfilling the cabin specialist role with assigned campers. (see cabin specialist job description for more info)
  • Be a Difference Maker!

Group Leader (Adult Leadership / Management)

  • Minimum Requirements: Bachelors degree or equivalent, leadership/management experience, preferred fields of study to include: Education, Social Work, Guidance, etc., Camp Experience a Bonus!
  • Oversee a specific age group of campers, with approximately 30-45 campers and 10-14 college age staff.
  • Ensure that campers are being well taken care of, both physically and emotionally.
  • Know the special needs of each camper, dietary, medical, social and emotional etc.
  • Provide additional support to counselors who are dealing with “issues” such as bullying, homesickness or group dynamics.
  • Be a presence and build relationships with campers in activities and in the cabin
  • Provide ongoing training, guidance, and regular feedback to counselors.
  • Communicate with parents by phone updating them on their child’s progress.
  • Provide outstanding customer service to our campers, staff and parents.
  • Communicate all parent correspondence to Head Counselor and Camp Directors.
  • Partner with program staff, providing them with support, extra hands, ideas and feedback where appropriate.
  • Provide written counselor evaluations, document parent phone calls, maintain an organized program schedule.
  • Serve as an essential adult presence / role-model and influence for all campers and counselors.
  • Be a Difference Maker!
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