Parents of Staff FAQs

I was encouraging my son/daughter to get an internship, but they really want to work at camp...what are the benefits?

We may be a little biased here, but camp truly provides an environment to learn “real-life skills.” Nowhere else will you find a community that is so fast paced, exciting, provides challenges and rewards equally for staff as it does for campers and fosters relationships that will last a lifetime. The life skills learned at camp are transferrable to almost any situation you may find yourself in, this is a once in a lifetime experience!

Should I be worried about my son/daughter as they travel to camp from across the country or even overseas?

As parents and caregivers ourselves, we are always concerned about our kids, especially when they travel. It happens to be very easy to get to camp and we will provide our staff with step-by-step instructions from the moment they get off the airplane/bus/train until they are met by one of our hospitality staff who will welcome our staff to camp after their journey.  Of course, we will also remind ALL staff to contact their loved ones upon arrival and let them know they made it to camp safely!

Can I visit my son/daughter while they are working at camp?

Absolutely, with a great location only 90 miles from NY City, you may decide to schedule a visit with s staff member, HOWEVER, we do not allow guests to roam around campus while our camp season is underway. Please arrange to meet your son/daughter in the parking lot of camp or off-campus on their assigned day off.

Can my son/daughter call or text me as they typically do throughout the year?

At Iroquois Springs, we do have a strict policy when it comes to electronics and cell phones.  We are all about “unplugging” for the summer, therefore, staff members are not permitted to carry their phones throughout the day while they are working and with campers.  Of course, on a staff members time-off, day off or evening out, connecting with them will not be a problem, so just be patient as response time from your son/daughter may be a little slower while they are working at camp. Staff will have access to the Staff Lounge which is equipped with Wi-Fi and multiple computers so you can stay in touch and keep up with current events as well.

What if I really need to get in touch with my son/daughter in an emergency or important situation?

We understand life happens outside of our gates, and sometimes things come up requiring immediate attention.  Please call our camp office at 631.462.2550 and let our office staff know that you need to get an important message to your son/daughter and we will see to it that the message is delivered promptly.

Will my son/daughter get time-off while at camp?

Of course they do, but working at camp is a full-time responsibility as campers are in our care 24/7. Staff members, will receive 5 days-off during the summer, a few nights a week they will have free time from 10:15 PM – 12:30 AM and wherever possible, a period (approx. 1 hour) each day unstructured.

If my son/daughter gets injured or sick at camp, who will care for them?

Great question with an easy answer, we will!  Iroquois Springs has a modern health center on campus staffed by 6 resident nurses and a full time physician.  Caring for our entire camp community is a big undertaking, but we are up to the challenge to keep our campers and staff on their feet and feeling great.

How can I send something to a staff member during the summer?

We sort and distribute mail daily at camp, so simply address your mail via the USPS to the staff members name and send to PO Box 487, Rock Hill, NY 12775.  If your sending via UPS/Fed-Ex or alike, use 66 Bowers Road, Rock Hill, NY 12775.

Where do staff members sleep while working at Iroquois Springs?

All cabin specialists and activity specialists sleep in a modern cabin with approximately 12 campers and 2-3 other staff members. All cabins are newly renovated with full electricity, bathrooms with showers, spacious decks and more. Adult staff such as group leaders and activity directors live in private or semi-private hotel-style rooms with bathroom.

What is the food like at camp for staff?

We all love home-cooking, especially when the food is on the table when we arrive, and camp is no different.  Our entire camp community enjoys 3 well-balanced meals each day, plenty of fruit and snacks each day along with some treats! We offer many options at each meal that cater to even our most picky eaters, so finding something to eat is never a problem, even for those with specific diets or food allergies.


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