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Getting to Know Emily Knowles

 Emily Knowles

Where are you from:  Long Beach, CA

Years at I.S.: 2

What have you been doing since camp ended last summer?
Since camp ended I have been drowning in college homework and working hard in the pool playing water polo! As well as taking time to adventure to the mountains an enjoying nature.

What is your favorite memory from the summer?
The whole summer was an amazing memory itself, I loved getting to adventure to a new place and making memories to last a lifetime with my brother. However, I think the memory that I like the best is the day I came back from my day off and my girls were going to bed. As I was walking up to the porch on the cabin all I heard was my girls yelling EMILY’S BACK!!! And they ran out the door and told me all about their day and how much they missed me. That and all of our late night glow stick dance parties!

What did you learn from your experience this summer?
Last summer I really learned the impact that I could have on a child’s life and its really helped me to understand what I want to do in my future career and working with kids

What are you looking forward to most about next summer?
This summer I am most looking forward to making new memories and getting to see all of the returning campers and staff and meeting all the new people!

What advice do you have for staff who are going to be at Iroquois Springs for the first time this summer?
Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Just let go and have fun because it will truly be the best summer of your life!