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Getting to Know Katelyn Scott

 Katelyn Scott

Where are you from: Granger, Indiana

Years at I.S.: 1

Why did you decide to work at camp this summer?
Being a Theatre Education major, this camp is everything I want to accomplish with my major.  I want to be able to work with a variety of kids, all different ages, to put together plays and musicals.  When a past activities specialist recommended I apply for the camp, telling me everything about it, I was sold.

What are you looking to learn this summer from being a counselor?
I am looking forwards to expanding my skills with children of all ages.  Also, I have never worked in such a relaxed and creative environment before, so I am really excited for creating theatre with these kids!

How are you looking to impact your children this summer?
I just want them to have the most fun, creative, and care-free summer as possible.  As one of theatre activity specialist, I really want them to feel as comfortable onstage and really express themselves.

How are you feeling about the summer?  Nervous?  Excited?
Honestly, nervous and excited.  I am really excited for this opportunity to work with so many kids doing what I love, theatre.  I am also really nervous because this is a new environment for me and traveling to the actual camp is going to be kind of a haul.

Tell us an interesting fact/story about yourself?
I am directing Charlottes Web at Muncie Civic Theatre.  It opens in February and these kids are working so hard!