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Getting to Know Avi Bialik

Avi Bialik

Where are you fromNewtown, CT

Years at I.S.: 1

Why did you decide to work at camp this summer?

I had known that I wanted to work at a camp for a few summers now. I went to sleep-away camp and some of my favorite memories were with my counselors. I wanted to pay it forward and hopefully make some great memories.

Describe yourself in 3 Words:
Adventurous, Caring and Open

Tell us something Interesting about yourself?
I’ve had 7 dogs. For a while I had 3 large dogs at one time.

How are you looking to grow this summer from working at camp?
I am really excited to learn everything that I can from both campers and fellow staff members. Everyone has such different experiences and there is always something to learn from others.

How are you feeling about the summer?  Nervous? Excited?
I’m both a little excited and a little bit nervous for this summer. I am super excited to meet everyone but I know it takes some time to become fully comfortable with others.