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Getting to Know Karolina Grychtol

Karolina Grychtol

Where are you fromPoland

Years at I.S.: 2

How did you grow as a person from your experience last summer?

It was my first time in the USA and when I was there I opened myself up to the new environment and face new challenges.  Due to this, I became a much more open and confident person.

What advice do you have for staff who are going to be at Iroquois Springs for the first time this summer?

Don’t be afraid, at Iroquois Springs you meet only positive people and anytime you have problems, there is always someone there to help. 

Favorite Camp Meal?

Mac & Cheese!!!

Favorite Camp Activity?

Swimming in the Lake!

Tell us a “wow” moment you had last summer?

Just meeting new American friends and how much of a positive attitude they had to life and other people.