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Getting to Know Nathan Yzaguirre

Nathan Yzaguirre

Where are you from:  Russellville, AR

Years at I.S.: 2

What is your favorite memory from last summer?
The moment during the final ceremony of color war when the entire team sang our alma mater.  The bond that was seen between all the children and even the counselors was an inspiring moment and possibly my favorite memory from my first year of being a counselor at Iroquois Springs.

What did you learn from your experience last summer?
I learned about being a better listener.  The kids in my bunk had opinions about what could be done to make the bunk more fun and when we listened to them it brought them all together in games and activities that even included the other counselors in the bunk.  Being able to listen is a key component at this camp, due to how it makes us more open to ideas we never had in our own minds.

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming summer?
Gaining more experience for my future as an educator.  Being with the kids and acting as their supervisor gives me a better understanding on how to relate to them and be more adapt to their interest in order to provide them with an amazing experience as I gain experience for myself in the future.

What advice do you have for staff who are going to be at Iroquois Springs for the first time this summer?
Be patient with the children at first, because to them you are a stranger and they are very timid around change and being away from the comfort of their homes for several weeks.  Let them have a bit to reconnect with their friends from the past years of their camp experience and then once they are all comfortable with one another and even counselors in the bunk from their past then begin to interact with them.

As a returner, how are you looking to grow this summer as a counselor?
I wish to grow as an individual and gain experience to use in my future as an educator to shape the minds of kids.  As a theatre major it also allows me to build my imagination by watching the imagination of the kids around me in the bunk or in the various activities I get assigned to in the camp.  I wish to become a better leader and try and create a sense of self I can take into the future.