Where do the campers typically come from?

We have approximately 225 boys and 225 girls who come from throughout the tri-state area and beyond. We have bus locations from New York City, Maryland, Rockland County, Livingston, NJ and Long Island. We also pick up our international campers and campers travelling from the west coast at the airport.

How is the communication with the camp?

Since you are removed from camp during the summer, we ask that you never hesitate to communicate with us regarding any question concerning your child. Our Directors, Head Counselors and Group Leaders are happy to communicate with you as you need. To facilitate excellent communication between parents and camp, you should feel free to call us anytime. Over the course of the summer, our website is updated daily with camper’s pictures, daily videos and summer information.

How are bunks determined?

Bunk groupings are not made until early June after we have had a chance to review ALL camper requests. Parents are asked to submit all requests on a camper form that arrives in the spring. We will try to accommodate requests as closely as possible and are very much aware of the importance of camper relationships. As we approach the final months prior to camp, we need and appreciate all of the encouragement and assistance that parents can offer to their child(ren) regarding the relationships they will encounter with other campers and staff during their stay at camp. Bunks typically have 12-14 campers and at least three counselors.

How often do the campers write home?

Campers are expected to write home two times a week.

What is the package policy?

Flat, 8” x 10” envelopes may be used to send reading materials, such as magazines, comics and newspapers. We do not allow campers to receive packages filled with non-essential items (i.e. games, toys, food, beauty products, etc.). This policy is instituted for the benefit of your camper as such packages cause major competition, jealousy and clutter in the bunks.

Can I e-mail my camper?

Yes. As a registered family at Iroquois Springs, you have an account on our website, through the parent dashboard that allows you to send letters via e-mail. Campers will not be able to respond by e-mail. All e-mails will be downloaded and printed at the beginning of each day and distributed to the campers as part of our daily mail delivery.

What is the phone call policy?

Every family may schedule two phone calls per session during the summer. Campers are not permitted to receive phone calls during the first week of camp. All of the children need this period for adjustment. Parents of all new campers will receive a phone call from their campers Group Leader within the first 72 hours of camp, informing you of your camper’s adjustment. Campers with summer birthdays receive an extra call.

Do campers leave camp or go on out of camp trips?

While we are not a big “out of camp trip” type of camp, each camper will have the experience of going on an evening out of camp to places like the movies, bowling or minor league baseball game, and one day-long trip to a local amusement park each session. Camp trips are designed to be age-appropriate and as campers get older the length and types of trip changes. For example our oldest campers (grades 8-11) can enjoy a 4-day 3-night experience to places like Boston, Montreal, Toronto and Washington D.C.

How do the campers dress for the camp day?

At Iroquois Springs, we maintain a simple, “down-to-earth” environment without an emphasis on clothing. Clothing should be casual and comfortable for either athletic activities or evening activities. Female campers are only allowed to wear one-piece bathing suits or tankinis. Bikinis are not permitted. We also require our camp families to purchase several shirts, shorts and sweatshirts with the Iroquois Springs logo to be worn for out of camp trips, and inter-camp sporting events.

How is laundry done?

Laundry is done on camp premises once a week. Laundry goes out and comes back on the same day. The laundry process is done on a bunk-by-bunk basis. That is, all bunks sort and submit their laundry (colors and whites) as a group in large bags. All items sent to camp should be properly labeled.

As a new camp family is there an opportunity to see camp prior to the summer and meet some of the other new camps?

Each summer we host our “new family orientation” the weekend before Memorial Day. It is a great day to meet some of the staff, take another tour of the camp facility, meet all the other new families and have a traditional camp BBQ.