Our Community



At Iroquois Springs, our mission is for every camper to find personal success, develop true friendships and build happy memories that last a lifetime. Our directors are at the heart of this mission, genuinely caring about our camp community and creating the spirited environment we call our summer home. Our camp directors oversee all camp operations, from staff hiring to programming, and are committed to making a difference in the lives of our campers. Their expertise and skilled leadership guides the staff that care for our campers and creates an environment of pure enthusiasm for camp life. Camp Iroquois Springs was founded in 1931, and continues to be a camp rich in traditions, memories and fun.

Leadership Team


Our leadership team is an exceptional group of professional educators and coaches, who return to camp summer after summer to teach and inspire staff and campers. They are positive role models that set the standards for taking healthy risks, building confidence and character, and being thoughtful in the process. Our leadership team cares for our campers by providing excellent instruction, listening, encouraging, supporting and guiding campers to grow emotionally by safely stepping outside their comfort zone. They are committed to seeing campers achieve their goals, and truly enjoy their summer camp experience.

Counselors and Activity Specialists


Counselors and Activity Specialists are the people that have daily contact with campers both in the bunks and at scheduled activities. Counselors act as friend, parent, confidant, role-model and big brother/sister, while setting boundaries and guiding campers through the day. Their enthusiasm and constant support help campers to achieve goals and build an inner confidence that lasts a lifetime. Counselors are trained to take care of campers and lead by example in developing friendships, working through conflicts and enjoying all that camp offers. Activity specialists use their expertise to teach a certain skill and expose campers to new ventures and improve their abilities. Counselors and activity specialists make it exciting for campers to travel through the daily schedule and participate in camp events. They are a very important part of our camp community, and are often people who grew up at camp and know the positive impact camp can make on a young person’s life.



Camp would not be the special place it is without our amazing campers and their families. Our campers are enthusiastic, friendly, kind, determined and spirited. Our families come from many different places such as Westchester, New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Florida, California, North Carolina, as well as overseas. But no matter where they originate, our camp families are down to earth, community minded and value based. Our families share our child rearing philosophy to raise confident, independent, empathic, and community minded individuals. We are devoted to giving our campers the best possible summer, filled with fun, friendships and traditions that will last a lifetime.