Great Job! You Uncovered the Secret Code

Riddles and Answers

To hit something, or not hit the baseball.

Answer: Strike

My colorful coats won't keep you warm, they are for a creation. Take away a letter for a negative sensation.

Answer: Paint

I can fly and I have feathers, but I am not a bird.

Answer: Arrow

A group of things in a line, or to use some oars.

Answer:  Row

With my help, you can escape, return, and go home. But without my best friend, you can't click and roam.

Answer: Keyboard

Take the first letter of each answer and you get:  SPARK

Make sure to read all about our “character development program” uniquely called S.P.A.R.K. which is always at the center of everything we do at Iroquois Spring.  Campers know and understand that being part of a special community like Iroquois Springs requires each and every one of us to play a part in creating an environment that campers and staff feel supported, respected and proud of each and every day, where “being a difference maker” is something we celebrate.


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