Camp Policies

We aim to make Iroquois Springs as wonderful an experience for your child as possible. In a community living experience such as camp, cooperation is essential and we find that campers are most comfortable when they know what is expected of them. So we ask that you and your child follow some important rules:

Important Information & Camp Guidelines

Iroquois Springs is a community of over 500 people. Our responsibility to you requires that we maintain a high standard of safety, health and community living practices. These are some important rules and requirements in our community, which are important to be noted:

  • No camper is permitted to leave campgrounds except as a part of a supervised camp activity and authorized by the camp administration.
  • Campers are not permitted to smoke at camp. Smoking will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Drugs and Alcoholic Beverages: Marijuana, tobacco or tobacco products, narcotics, and hallucinatory drugs, including stimulants, depressants and alcohol are forbidden to anyone at Iroquois Springs. Possession or use of these substances will result in automatic dismissal with no tuition refund. No “second chance” is afforded.
  • Life at camp is in many ways more active and fuller than one’s normal routine at home. Therefore, each division, depending on the age of the campers and the evening activity, has a set curfew.
  • No firecrackers, army knives, jack knives, firearms, cigarette lighters, martial arts equipment, etc. are permitted in camp. Possession of these items will result in automatic dismissal from camp with no tuition refund.
  • Camp upkeep: Iroquois Springs is a beautiful place that all who use the facility are jointly responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the camp grounds;


  1. Clean up: All campers in a bunk, along with the bunk counselors, are responsible for the cleanliness and general safety conditions of the cabin. In addition, everyone participates, at scheduled times, in a general clean up of the camp.
  2. Camp property: Anyone damaging or defacing camp property is liable for such damage, and will be charged accordingly.

It is against camp policy to send candy, gum, bottled water or foodstuff to camp and campers are not permitted to keep any such items at camp. Foodstuff tend to attract small animals to the bunk, and gum is very difficult to remove from the surface of camp athletic facilities, equipment and furniture.


There is NO TIPPING at Iroquois Springs. Our staff is aware of this rule and knows that anyone accepting “tips” will be dismissed from the staff.

Music iPods

As you know, Iroquois Springs prides itself on our belief of the importance of camp being a place to “unplug” from technology.  As such, and for obvious important reasons, our “no screen time” camp electronics policy has always been limited to certain models of iPods.  All iPod models, except the iPod Touch (which does not comply with our policy) have been discontinued, although some are still available on the secondary markets like Amazon and eBay. Only specific types of iPods are allowed at camp, namely iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Classic (now discontinued.)  All videos must be removed from the iPod Nano or Classic via iTunes before your child arrives at camp! Staff will be checking devices for videos – any that contain videos will be confiscated.  To minimize inconvenience to your child, we recommend the iPod Nano.  We remind you that camp is not responsible for any damage to these devices. Essentially, the ONLY electronic device allowed at camp is, an iPod with music only. An iPod Touch will not be allowed at camp. The prevalence of streaming music services like Apple Music and Spotify also create some challenges since they are not compatible with older version iPods.

After much research, we have discovered a new device that complies with our policy both technologically and philosophically.

Introducing the Mighty Vibe, an iPod shuffle-like device for Spotify and Amazon Music.  It has no screen and can download over 1000 tracks from Spotify and Amazon Music and supports music, albums, audiobooks and podcasts. The device retails for $90 (less than an iPod on the secondary market) and requires a Spotify premium account, $9.99 / month or $14.99 per month for a family membership, both of which have a free 30 day trial or an Amazon Music account.

The Mighty Vibe must reconnect to Spotify every 30 days to verify there is an active paid subscription.  On visiting day, we offer an open wifi network that you can use to reauthorize the Mighty device. So, all you would have to do is make sure the mighty is synced up right before camp starts and then re-sync it again on visiting day.

Mighty Vibe Promo Code: CampIroquoisSprings10

Please remember: The use of these items is allowed only at select times, inside a cabin. Because of the nature of camp life, these items are often misplaced or lost and we cannot be responsible for them. We caution you against sending these items. If you  decide to send them, please consider purchasing insurance. Once again, we cannot be responsible if these items are lost or misplaced.

Cell Phones

While we fully recognize many of our campers have cell phones, please respect our policies and do not send a cell phone to camp. Cell phones are NEVER permitted in camp or on camp trips regardless of your child’s age.

Should a camper not adhere to this policy, campers will be suspended from camp for 3 days. Parents will need to make arrangements for the pick-up & return of campers to & from camp. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Drugs / Tobacco / Vaping / Alcohol

It is important to take a clear position regarding drugs, alcohol, vaping, matches, lighters and tobacco that will be understood unequivocally by campers and parents.

The use of these substances is illegal and therefore has no place at camp. Campers who use or possess these items will be immediately sent home. We will entertain no discussion on this matter with parents, nor will we give a child a second chance. In addition, fees will not be returned if a child is sent home for this reason. Although we do not anticipate a problem, we feel it is vital that everyone connected with the camp clearly and precisely understands our policy on this matter.

Electronic Devices

Electric power is very limited at camp and we cannot handle the strain caused by electronics. Almost every type of electronic device is not allowed at camp. Cell phones, smartphones, digital video players, video games, e-readers (Kindle, Nook, etc), tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPod Touch, etc), laptops, smart watches, Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest, Any VR Headset, and video cameras are not allowed at camp.

As a rule, any item that can: send or receive a phone call, play a DVD, access the Internet or send or receive e-mail is not permitted at camp. Cell phones, DVD players, Blackberry’s, video iPods, iPod Touch, Sony PSP’s, Games playing devise, etc are NOT allowed, as well as any device that is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection or 3g/4g/LTE data connection is NOT permitted at camp.  All tablets, smartphones, the iPod Touch, Google Glass, and e-readers fall into this category.

Spending Money

For “special” trips off camp, campers may want to bring spending money to camp for snacks or souvenirs.  Please do not send your child with extra cash, as the camp office will bill your camp account a pre-determined amount based on your child’s age and trips.

Spending money campers have will be held by the camp office. Any money not kept in the office is solely the camper’s responsibility, and camp takes no responsibility for such money kept in cabins by campers.

Clothing and Packing

Campers are provided an equal amount of storage space in the cabins. Bunk storage space is limited. The camp packing list should be complied with. Campers who bring excessive amounts of personal belongings will impinge on the space allocated to other campers, thus crowding the bunk. The camp may, at its discretion, determine what is excessive and, either return unnecessary items home or store them at the camp’s convenience.

In an effort to emphasize appropriate dress at camp, we ask that campers do not wear bikini bathing suits at camp (tankini’s, which cover the mid-­section are acceptable). In addition, we ask that you do not pack items that expose the midriff, short shorts, see through clothing, etc. Campers wearing these items will be asked to change their clothing.


In an interest in placing the emphasis in camp on activities, programs and friendships, we wish to eliminate the inevitable competition and disruption caused by the receipt of toys, water guns and the like. Books, magazines and stationary are fine to send as long as it is sent in a flat 9×12 envelope. You may not send food, gum, or candy of ANY kind to camp. We will not be accepting packages that are not in a FLAT envelope; all other packages will be refused and sent back to the shipper. We must reserve the right to check all incoming packages. Please help us by alerting all friends and relatives.

Pocket Money and Valuables

We cannot assume responsibility for any money or valuables kept by a camper in his or her bunk. The camp office provides safekeeping for such items.

Other Items to Note

Other items not permitted at camp are • Extra lights • Electric Fans • Cardboard storage boxes • “Blow up” chairs • Scooters • Curling Irons or Flat Irons • Skateboards (Iroquois Springs will provide all necessary equipment & gear for the skate park activity at camp) • Hoverboards • Apple Vision Pro • Meta Quest • Any VR Headset

Digital Cameras/Cameras:  Cameras are permitted at camp, as long as there are no photographs taken inside of cabins, tents, hotel rooms and bathrooms.  Any cameras used in such places will be confiscated and returned at the end of the summer. Once again, we cannot be responsible if these items are lost or misplaced.

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