Staying Connected


Your children are anxiously awaiting your letters.   To speed the process, please address the envelopes as follows:

Iroquois Springs PO Box 487
Rock Hill, NY 12775
Bunk # (Please use this after you receive your first letter from your child)

It is essential that your child receive mail within the first two (2) days of arrival. The mail takes almost 4 days to arrive, so please plan accordingly. Please provide an adequate number of stamps and envelopes for your child to write home. You should expect at least one letter each week from your child.

Please bear in mind that some letters you receive will be filled with love and joy, while others might be quite the opposite. Children’s letters are generally subject to oversimplification as well as exaggeration. Please do not panic when trying to interpret the meaning behind the letter. Letters that are sent during the first week of camp may frequently be negative due to natural adjustment and re-adjustment for campers. If you are concerned… us. You have placed a great trust in our ability to work with your children.


You may email your child at camp via the Parent Dashboard. We print out email daily and distribute them with the regular mail. E-mails received before 9:00 AM will be distributed in the same days, daily mail call, except on Sundays. Campers are not allowed to send email.  Please remember that campers love receiving “regular mail.” 

Through the Parent Dashboard, you may designate additional family members and friends the ability to email your children.  This feature is called the “extended family login.”

Camper Calls

All campers will be allowed to make 2 phone calls to their parents (divorced parents, please call the office directly) during their three-week stay at camp. Full season campers will have 4 phone calls available to them during their stay at camp. It is not mandatory to schedule two calls per session – some campers do just fine with one call per session; you may want to  consider this or call us if you have any questions.

Starting in June 2023 you will be able to log into our on-line phone reservation system to schedule your calls for the summer.

Instructions for the on-line call reservation system, as well the calendar to see which days are available to schedule camper phone calls, will follow under separate cover.

You may not book calls prior to June 2023 and we cannot take call appointments via email, call, or message left on our answering machine. We schedule a large volume of calls each summer and we ask that we have 24-hours to change a phone call appointment. If your child has a birthday during the summer, please call the office to schedule his or her birthday phone call. As in the past, all camper phone calls home will be of no charge to you. You will not need to send your child with a calling card or collect calling instructions for their calls.

Please note – we do our very best to accommodate everyone’s requests, occasionally due to a scheduled trip, inter-camp game, or special event we will need to re-schedule a call with little notice – we apologize in advance.


We know that Birthdays are VERY important to you and your child and they’re equally important to us! We want to make it as HUGE as possible for the birthday girl or boy.

If your child has a birthday while at camp…

  • The entire camp will sing to them at dinner!
  • They will receive a pizza party and a movie of their choice with their bunk!
  • They will get a cookie cake to share with their friends!
  • They will have a phone call with you. We just ask that you schedule this in advance similar to regular phone calls.
  • They are allowed to receive a Birthday Package (please no food/candy or bunk gifts).  Please write “Birthday Package” on it and we will hold it in the office until we deliver it on your camper’s birthday!

In an interest in placing the emphasis in camp on activities, programs and friendships, we wish to eliminate the inevitable competition and disruption caused by the receipt of toys, video games, water guns and the like. Books, magazines and stationary are fine to send as long as it is sent in a flat envelope.

We must insist that you not send ANY packages to camp. (THIS INCLUDES FED-EX, PRIORITY MAIL BOXES, AMAZON OR ANY OTHER STORES.) IF THERE IS A SPECIAL NEED, PLEASE SPEAK WITH THE OFFICE PRIOR TO SENDING THE ITEM. We will not be accepting packages that are not in a FLAT envelope; all other packages will be refused and sent back to the shipper. We reserve the right to check all incoming packages. Please help us by alerting all friends and relatives.

Communication with Camp

During the summer, we know there may be occasions that you may want to discuss concerns you have about your child(ren).  Call the camp office at 845.434.6500 and your concerns will be directed accordingly. The camp office is typically open from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM everyday while camp is in session.

We have an answer service on after hours, who will get messages to us immediately only if it is an emergency. As always we are always a phone call away, so please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.

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