Camper Forms

Parent Dashboard

All families are set up with a login to their own Parent Dashboard online. On the Parent Dashboard you will be able to see your account balances, change credit card information, schedule your campers calls
and complete all the forms pertaining to your camper(s).

You will notice that some forms will need to be printed and signed by your child’s pediatrician. Those forms must be uploaded to the parent dashboard or mailed to us at:

PO Box 20126
Dix Hills, NY 11746

Parent Questionnaire

Whether your child is new to Iroquois Springs, or a returning camper, tell us how their year has been and what they are most excited (and apprehensive) about. This information is communicated to your child’s counselors during our staff orientation. It allows them to be best prepared to help support and nurture your child emotionally, socially and programmatically.

Please note: The philosophy of camp emphasizes that each child is unique. Therefore, it is important for us to learn as much about each camper as possible.

Bunk Requests

We are interested in knowing the wishes of parents and campers in regard to bunking arrangements. Camp can be a valuable tool in helping your child make the most of their developmental years. Our experience has made us realize that part of the fun of camp is to experience meeting new people and learning to live in a group situation. A successful new friendship can be the most rewarding aspect of the camp season. At camp, friendships come quickly.

We are certain that if you do not make a bunk request for your child, it will be made with the utmost thought and concern. The camp, however, reserves the right to make all final bunking placements. There are times when, in the best interest of the child, other children, and the camp, bunking requests cannot be honored. In these few cases we hope that you will trust our professional judgment.

Bunk requests will be part of the parent dashboard (referred to under “Forms”) which will allow you to complete your requests online. You will be able to make up to three (3) requests. Please note that bunking requests should be reciprocal, so we will need a matching request from a bunkmate. Requests not submitted on this form may not be honored. Even if you have submitted requests on your application, or on a separate sheet of paper, please complete this form. The deadline for submission of this form is June 1st. Please note when making bunking requests, we bunk campers in cabins according to session length (3 weekers & 6 weekers) wherever possible, please keep this in mind when making your bunking request. We will make every attempt possible to honor all bunking request. However, we will not consider negative bunking request (i.e. “Please do not place me with…..”).

The important thing is that Iroquois Springs is deeply committed to the best interest of your child and all the children at camp. We are certain of your confidence in that commitment since you are entrusting your child to us.

*We will bunk children according to the gender which they identify with.

Horseback Riding

There is no additional charge for our horseback riding program. We only ask that if you would like your child to receive instruction in horseback riding, that you enroll them in the program using the form provided online.

Our program works by having those children who elect to be in the program come to horseback riding throughout the day; sometimes during an elective period, and other times during a regularly scheduled bunk activity. If your camper ever feels they don’t want to continue or wish to give it a try, they would just need to let our office know. Helmets will be provided.

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