Important Dates

Summer 2024

Event Date
Make appointments for medical and dental check-­ups February
Make roadshow appointments with clothing outfitter February
Register with Pack My Rx (if applicable) February 1st
Purchase camp clothing and make reservations for visiting day March
All Camper Forms Due April 15th
Office Opens in Rock Hill May 15th
New Family Orientation May 19th
Pack My Rx registration deadline for Session 1 Campers May 30th
Pack My Rx registration deadline for Session 2 Campers June 20th
Regional Baggage Pick-Up June 23rd
Session 1 Begins June 29th
Visiting Day July 13th
Session 1 Ends July 19th
Session 2 Begins July 20th
Order of the Blue & Gold July 27th
Camp Ends August 9th

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