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Camp Games for a Cause

March 28, 2012

Camp Games for a Cause: An Exciting and Noteworthy Cause Hi, we’re Marcy Cohen and Jenna Wollin. We both grew up at Iroquois Springs; this is our tenth summer at camp and our third summer as counselors! As our first year at college winds to an end, we are...

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Outdoor Adventure

March 21, 2012

I was reading up on Outdoor Adventure programs and came across a statement made by psychologist James Neill, who has worked as an outdoor education instructor and researcher, stating “human potential can be unlocked through challenging...

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Healthy Competition in Sports

March 12, 2012

Team Sports The Giants won the Super Bowl! Not something you didn’t already know. Probably not something you didn’t already celebrate. Hey, it’s been about six weeks since their victory, but you may still be celebrating. Maybe you even went...

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The Role of Storytelling in the Summer Camp Experience

March 5, 2012

THE ROLE OF STORYTELLING IN THE SUMMER CAMP EXPERIENCE Hi, my name is Larry Wilensky, and I’ve been associated with Iroquois Springs and its predecessor, Camp Sequoia, for a combined forty-two summers. I first attended camp at age 11 and have the...

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