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Preparing Parents For Overnight Camp

May 24, 2012

If your child is going to overnight camp for the first time this summer, you may be beginning to feel some mixed emotions.  You are excited for them to begin this incredible adventure, but if you are being totally honest with yourself, you may also...

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8 Things You Can’t Teach Your Child, But Camp Can

May 18, 2012

Some key points from the book “Homesick and Happy” · Camp is one of the last places for play, reading, writing · Camp is a place of universally respected rituals and kids love rituals · Camp is the last place to...

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May 14, 2012

For those of us lucky enough to have gone to camp, when asked about the most cherished memories of our summer camp experience, Color Week is sure to make an appearance very early in the conversation. As the camp season draws near its conclusion, camp is...

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The Importance of Traditions

May 8, 2012

In less than a couple of months, campers from all over the United States (and beyond) will begin their summer “tradition” of attending summer camp. When I think of traditions and how much they bring to our lives, I am immediately brought back to The...

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At Iroquois Springs……..

May 2, 2012

At Iroquois Springs………..We do traditionsWe do blue and goldWe do fuzziesWe do canteenWe do campfiresWe do color weekWe do mock rockWe do rope burnWe do marble callWe do lake nightsWe do line upWe do teamworkWe do community serviceWe do...

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