Monthly Archives:February 2015

Practicing Patience

February 25, 2015

Society has changed in many ways since we were kids. The astounding progress that we’ve made over the course of a generation has made our lives infinitely more convenient, but that convenience has come with a significant cost…our patience. The...

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Outdoor Adventure & 21st Century Skills

February 18, 2015

Summer camp provides endless activities for campers to participate in and enjoy. From aquatics, to sports and arts, campers are surrounded by activities that make summer camp fun and exciting. Some of these activities are played throughout the...

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Healthy Eating

February 11, 2015

Camp may be covered in snow, but that does not stop us from working on new projects for the upcoming summer. This year, one of the projects we are excited to announce is the new kitchen and expanded dining room we are creating. The new kitchen equipment...

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Good Sportsmanship and Maximum Effort

February 4, 2015

Virtually everyone who has ever played competitive sports has been involved in a one-sided game. Even though “mercy rules” have been adopted at the youth sports level to some degree, these rules do not eliminate the possibility of a game getting...

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