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The Value of Emotional Intelligence

November 30, 2012

Take a moment to think about your favorite teacher, favorite coach, favorite camp counselor, or favorite boss.  What makes them so special, so admired and so well respected?  Why do they stand out as successful leaders?  They most...

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Why the World Needs Summer Camp: An Essay to Parents

November 26, 2012

Why the World Needs Summer Camp: An Essay to Parents Jeff Merhige It is not easy for parents to make the decision to send their child away into the waiting arms of strangers who promise to take care of them — people who promise to show them the wonders of...

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Happy Thanksgiving from Iroquois Springs

November 20, 2012

This is the week I get to dust off the “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” DVD, get cozy with the kids, and watch Snoopy whip up a Thanksgiving dinner of popcorn, candy and other treats for the Peanuts gang.  I love this tradition in our house, and...

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Communities Coming Together

November 12, 2012

We hope this blog finds you safe and secure after a very trying past couple of weeks.  Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter that followed, has changed the lives of so many people throughout the area.  While some communities were lucky...

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The Benefits of Overnight Camp

November 6, 2012

If you grew up attending overnight camp, you have first-hand experience of the positive effects camp can have on a young person, and most likely want that for your children.  You already know about living in the great outdoors, making lifelong...

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