Monthly Archives:October 2017

Because Of Camp…

October 18, 2017

So here we are, back in the camp winter office and with everyone back at school for another year of academics and a variety of extra-curricular activities. The camp season went by way too quickly, and was filled with countless meaningful moments for...

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The Camp Community

October 11, 2017

We live in a time of constant exposure to news coverage. We receive news headlines through the television, smartphones, computers, and a variety of social media sites. Thankfully some of it is positive and uplifting, but sadly the majority we are...

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Being Resilient

October 9, 2017

Recent events, like Hurricane Harvey’s historic floods and Hurricane Irma’s & Hurricane Maria’s damaging winds and rainfall, have been at the forefront of the news and our minds. Our thoughts and well wishes are extended to our friends...

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Being Part Of A Team

October 6, 2017

Now that the school year is in full swing, and the kids are familiar with the many teachers, instructors and coaches that will guide their school year, it’s the parents turn. It can be a busy month for attending a variety of parent meetings for school...

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