Being Part Of A Team

Now that the school year is in full swing, and the kids are familiar with the many teachers, instructors and coaches that will guide their school year, it’s the parents turn. It can be a busy month for attending a variety of parent meetings for school and after school activities our children take part in. We are gathering information and marking our calendars with important dates and events for the upcoming school year, and most importantly…we are learning about what our children will get out of their commitment to each subject and activity. These meetings are an overview to learn not only about the curriculum, but about the teaching style, philosophy and objectives of each instructor.

Recently, during one of these parent meetings, I was very impressed and inspired by an athletic coach that spoke about the benefits of being a member of the team. In addition to improving athletic abilities and overall physical health, he spoke about how important it was for kids in today’s generation to be committed to something after school. Instead of going home to stare at their phones from 3pm to 5pm, the kids on the team were committed to challenging themselves, socializing with peers, and being a part of a community. “As the hours of screen time keeps increasing, it’s never been more important for parents to also provide encouragement to keep kids active, off their phones, and committed to striving for their own personal best”. The coach emphasized how being a member of a team allows kids to put the stress associated with school life aside for a moment, and enjoy working as a team with friends that share a common interest.

And though his words were about a sport, they certainly ring true for any team or community a child takes part in. From team sports, to chorus groups, to robotic clubs, kids benefit from being a member of the team. Being a member of the team helps kids feel less isolated and a part of a community of people with similar interests and goals. Working together helps kids learn to problem solve, communicate, and improve self-awareness, while feeling a sense of belonging.

Kids who attend summer camp have the ultimate environment to be a member of the team and community. In addition to living with others and working together, there are endless groups and activities to join and enjoy. And just like inspiring coaches and teachers, camp counselors and specialists are positive role models who encourage kids to get involved, set realistic goals, believe in themselves, and try their best no matter what the challenge. Camp allows kids to put down their phones and be a part of something that fosters friendship, social skills, and self-awareness. Camp allows kids to join, be active and spend time with their friends. Camp promotes everything from leadership and team work skills, to increased independence and overall happiness.

And just like any inspiring camp counselor or coach would say…choose something you love to do, or want to learn more about, and be a part of that community. Set goals, make a commitment, and be a member of the team!