Because Of Camp…

So here we are, back in the camp winter office and with everyone back at school for another year of academics and a variety of extra-curricular activities. The camp season went by way too quickly, and was filled with countless meaningful moments for campers and staff of all ages. Whether your first or tenth summer at IS, camp gave everyone the chance to unplug, spend time with forever friends, stay active, try new things, and become more confident and resilient individuals.
And though we are missing our camp friends and wishing we were back up in Rock Hill, we know it’s going to be a great school year. It’s time to meet new teachers, attend new classes, see old friends, make some new friends, and take on the everyday academic and social challenges of being a student. Transitioning from the carefree days of summer to the school setting can be challenging, but luckily campers have the benefit of the sleepaway camp experience. Campers know how to take on new environments and new challenges like champions.
Summer camp provides kids the opportunity to develop important life skills and experiences to become more confident, resilient and successful students. Campers develop decision making skills and leadership, independent from their parents, that benefit them throughout the school year. These life skills are important to both social and academic success. Campers spend their days communicating with one another, working together as a team, and being a part of the camp community. Each day campers have a chance to step outside of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, and advocate for themselves. These skills contribute to greater success in the classroom when communicating with teachers, working with peers, and participating in various school groups. The chance to be a leader during college days can result in taking on a role in the student government. The chance to perform in the camp play can build the confidence needed to try out for the school theatre production. Participating in intercamp games can lead to signing up for the school soccer team. These and many more skills and experiences learned at summer camp can pave the way for increased success and happiness during the academic year.
So, make the most of the life skills and experiences you learned at camp, and apply them to the school year. Continue to lead, step outside of your comfort zone, persevere, and most importantly, enjoy the year. Have confidence in all that you do and show kindness to everyone along the way. In no time at all we will be heading back to Rock Hill for summer 2018 and making more unforgettable memories.