Camp Is A Wonderful Place

The end of summer marks the return to school and the routine of the academic year. It also marks the end of the most frequently asked question to any young person who attended overnight camp…“HOW WAS CAMP?”. It’s a genuine welcome back question to campers returning from their “summer home”. Friends and family want a glimpse intoi-MpPNFHD-X2 the camp world. The typical response may be “great” or “amazing” but the true feeling of an overnight camp experience involves more than a few words.

Camp is a place to discover, grow, make friends, and celebrate. Camp allows young people to take healthy risks, surrounded by people who support and encourage them to do their very best. Camp provides a sense of freedom…freedom from being plugged in and freedom to connect with others in the real world. Camp encourages independence and gives campers the confidence to reach their goals. Camp teaches perseverance and creates leaders. That may be hard to express in a word or two, but those who have gone to overnight camp understand. Camp is the opportunity of a lifetime.

We love hearing from parents who are in awe of how much their child “grew up” at summer camp. They describe children who are taking the initiative to help out, accepting more responsibility and expressing themselves more effectively. These positive changes come from being in a camp environment with counselors that role model valuable leadership skills in communication, empathy and perseverance. Counselors give campers the tools to problem solve and believe in themselves when things get challenging.

And though the summer camp experience is brief, the memories of Iroquois Springs live on all year.i-794Mts6-X2 Campers are still singing camp songs, remembering special moments and friends, and waiting with anticipation for the December camp reunion. We can’t wait to see our camp family and reminisce about rope burn, order of the blue and gold, mock rock, healthy canteen and all the happy moments that make camp so special. And when we need to see the faces of the friends we love and revisit the fun we had, the Iroquois Springs web site is the perfect place to recapture the unforgettable times had with lifelong friends and incredible counselors. There is no doubt we appreciate our home friends and family, but camp friends have a special place in our hearts. It’s what keeps us coming back year after year.

We wish you all a wonderful school year and success in all that you pursue, but remember that camp is just around the corner and we will be back at our summer home before you know it. Camp is a truly special place to be.