Camp is Our Happy Place

The best way to describe camp is quite simple… “Camp is our Happy Place.”  It’s our summer home in the great outdoors, where we are surrounded by amazing friends, join in exciting activities and traditions, and become the best version of ourselves.  It’s 42 days of creating memories that carry us through the year, until we once again return to Rock Hill.  Summer 2020 may seem far off, but the months move swiftly and it won’t be long before we are in “our happy place. “

The inclusive environment and strong community at camp is something we don’t take for granted.  We are lucky to have so many opportunities to take on personal challenges, give and receive encouragement, learn about empathy and kindness, be more present, and find happiness.  It may not be possible to replicate the camp environment during the school year, but we can create greater happiness in our lives all year long.  The start of the new year offers great opportunity to grow, and create a happy place… like we have at camp.  

Here are some simple ways to find happiness every day!

Limit your Time on Social Media.    Rather than spending hours scrolling though other people’s posts, connect with people you actually know and admire.  Spend time with friends that make you smile.  

Be Social. Research shows that it’s the simple experiences – like spending time with friends – that boost happiness. Happiness grows in the company of others, and can improve your health and well-being.  Surround yourself with people you care about and who care about you.  

Be Present. Being present is essential to our happiness.  Try to stay in the moment, instead of thinking about the next thing you have to do. It’s very easy to get caught up in all the stress of the day, but take a moment to appreciate the present.  

Challenge Yourself.  Do the things you love and don’t let fear hold you back.  Take on new challenges and step outside of your comfort zone.  By taking healthy risks, you will discover new and wonderful things. 

Learn to Listen.  Take time to listen and let people know you value them.  Listening creates effective communication and improved relationships.  Listening communicates to people that you care about them and adds to human happiness.

Keep Active. Exercise increases relaxation, improves sleep, supports the immune system, and just feels great.  Even small amounts of exercise have a big impact on our happiness. 

Help Others. Offer assistance to someone in need.  It could be something practical, like a hug or a shoulder to cry on.  Showing kindness and empathy brings greater happiness to everyone involved.  

Recall Positive Memories. There is nothing that brings a smile to someone’s face more than remembering a special moment.  Studies show that recalling positive memories may play an important role in managing stress and boosting our overall well-being and happiness. 

These simple but effective ways to find happiness are all factors in what makes the IS camp experience so rewarding.    Camp is our happy place because we get to live in a community that values friendship, kindness, communication and determination.  Make every day like camp and surround yourself with happiness.