Camp Reunion

The 16th Annual Iroquois Springs Camp Reunion!

The weather may be getting colder, but thoughts of warm summer days are in the air. The 16th Annual Iroquois Springs Camp Reunion is just weeks away! On Sunday, December 4th our camp family will once again gather at FunFuzion for a morning filled with laughter, hugs, and endless memories of a fabulous summer spent with forever friends. The camp reunion is the perfect place to reconnect with camp friends and staff, and get excited about summer 2017.

Camp ended months ago, but camp friends pick up right where they left off. No time or distance can get in the way of the powerful bonds that are created at camp. Camp is a place where friendship develops through living together, teamwork, shared traditions, overcoming challenges, and fun experiences. The power of friendship that is seen and felt at the camp reunion is evident in every laugh, smile, and hug. Campers who have only spoken over the last few months through a group text or Facebook, are now face-to-face sharing news and catching up. It’s a feeling that is hard to put into words, but can be seen on the faces of campers that are spending time with their lifelong friends.

Camp friendships are so special because of the unique environment camp provides. Campers are unplugged from technology and living in the moment. The distractions we have become so accustomed to in our daily lives is not available during the summer months, allowing campers the freedom to talk, laugh and share their summer experiences. Camp is a place to let your guard down, and be your true self. A place to gain the independence and confidence to step outside one’s comfort zone with true friends by your side. It’s what makes our campers the family they have become, the Iroquois Springs family.

The countdown is on for December 4th and a fantastic reunion filled with games, rides and friendship. We can’t wait for the unveiling of the summer video yearbook and slideshow, and for you to receive your framed copy of your bunk and individual camp picture of summer 2016.   We know that distance and other obligations will keep some of you from being there, but you will be close in our thoughts and will definitely be missed. We look forward to seeing those that can make it at the Camp Reunion.