Friends, Friends, Friends….we will always be……..

I asked a group of fourth and fifth grade students how they would describe a FRIEND!   The list of qualities they came up with was pretty impressive.  They thought a friend should be “thoughtful, considerate, trustworthy, honest, supportive, accepting, have similar interests, and of course someone fun to be around”.  They definitely encapsulated what being a friend is all about.  And no matter what your age, having friends is an important part of living a happy life.  Research shows that friendship is vital for well being, and can have a major impact on overall health.  The Mayo Clinic finds that friends can increase ones sense of belonging and purpose, boost happiness, reduce stress, improve self-worth, and help one cope better in bad times.  And when it comes to friends, there is no better place to develop true friendships than SUMMERCAMP!!!  Camp friends are friends for life.  Camp friends know us as we are, and accept us for who we   Being away from family, and surrounded by peers, gives campers a wonderful opportunity to develop deep and lasting friendships.  Camp friends see us through the day to day, encourage us to take on new challenges, make us feel a sense of belonging, help us through the tough times and most importantly make us laugh.
On December 8thwe will be celebrating our summer friendships at the Iroquois Springs Camp Reunion at New Roc City in New Rochelle.  We are so excited to see our summer family and watch friends get together, catch up, and reminisce about wonderful camp days.  Camp friends have been staying in touch through social networking and texting, but seeing one another in person and being able to talk face to face is priceless.   It’s the warmth of a hug hello, sitting side by side, sharing news and remembering the good times of summer. And after the reunion is over, campers bring home a piece of summer with their bunk pictures and a reunion video re-cap and DVD of the summer. 
We look forward to seeing the campers and staff that are able to attend and will certainly miss those that can’t make it.  But even if you can’t attend the reunion, the summer will be here before we know it and we will be with all our camp family once again.  See you all soon!

“Many people will walk in and out of your life; but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”   Eleanor Roosevelt