Getting Ready for an Awesome Summer!

Spring is just around the corner and the time has come to start gearing up for camp, both physically and emotionally.  Preparing for the camp season brings great excitement, from shopping for camp clothes and supplies, to the anticipation of meeting new friends and taking part in all the adventures camp has to offer.  It may also be a time that some campers (and their families) begin to experience some nervousness at the thought of leaving home for the first time.  Being prepared for this wonderful adventure will lead to a more successful transition away from home and overall summer experience.  The following are some helpful hints in getting your camper, and yourself, ready for a wonderful summer at Camp Iroquois Springs.
Attend the New Family Orientation (May 19th) that is offered to all new camp families.  It gives your camper a chance to see the camp again (or maybe for the first time) and familiarize him or herself with the facilities.  Knowing where they will be sleeping, eating meals and going to activities will help campers feel more secure.  Orientation will also allow your child to meet other new campers and key staff that will be taking care of them during their camp stay.
Allow your child to participate in packing for camp.  Having them pick out certain clothing and supplies will give them ownership over the experience, and more comfortable when unpacking their belongings.
Listen to any concerns your child has.   Let them lead the conversation and answer any questions they have with reassurance and understanding.   Some first-time campers are nervous about nighttime routines, or who to turn to if they experience homesickness.  It is important they feel comfortable with daily camp routines and who will help out if they are having any difficulty.
Revisit the camp DVD and brochure to help your camper feel more familiar with the camp schedule and what is expected of them.  Go over camp policies and any rules of conduct that apply to them.  Knowing what camp allows and prohibits will make it easier to prepare for the summer.
Schedule some sleepovers.  If your child has not had any sleepover experience, have them sleep out at a family or friends house.  Mastering sleeping away from home will help your child feel more confident when the day arrives to leave for camp.
Be positive!  Present camp as a wonderful experience and opportunity.  Talk about the incredible activities they will do, friends they will meet and new experiences they have.  Stay positive and let your camper know how capable you know they are.  Try not to focus on how much you will miss them or lead them to believe that you will not be okay without them.  You want them to head off to camp with confidence and not concern about how them leaving affects you.
Most importantly….know that we are always here to answer any questions or concerns you or your camper has.  Enjoy packing up and get ready for the best summer ever! Summer 2013 is going to be amazing!!!