Happy New Year 2014

The New Year is quickly approaching, and for many of us it brings the excitement of a fresh start.  A time to think about what we want in 2014, and the goals that will get us there. If you have yet to come up with a New Year’s resolution, here is a great one…”For the coming year, I will be more like an Iroquois Springs camper”.  Summer camp plays an important role in a young person’s development and the outcome of the summer camp experience produces some pretty incredible people worth aspiring to. Though every camper has their own unique personality, there are some amazing qualities that shine through in all our camp family.  

DSC_0007-XLCampers challenge themselves.  The camp day is filled with activities and adventures that may seem difficult at first, but with support and encouragement campers face their fears and accomplish amazing things.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.  You must do the thing which you think you cannot do”.  At camp, obstacles become an opportunity for personal growth.  

Campers have empathy.  Living together as a close knit family, campers come to be thoughtful of one another’s feelings and develop the trust to talk things out in a productive manner.  Camp teaches us to listen without judgment and gain an understanding of what the next person may be experiencing.  

Campers have fun and get silly.  Life can be so busy at times that we forget to a step back from it all and just laugh. Campers are free of being “plugged in” and overscheduled, and have the summer to relax, laugh, get a bit silly, and enjoy the moment.  

Campers have confidence.  Campers are given the freedom and independence to make appropriate decisions on their own, and in turn believe in themselves and their abilities.  Choosing what to wear or what to eat for lunch may seem insignificant but can be empowering and a real confidence booster.  Research shows that a healthy self-esteem can help develop resilience, giving campers the strength to tackle problems head on.  

Campers have great interpersonal skills.  Camp teaches us to listen to one another and cooperate, even if we don’t share the same views.  Interpersonal skills are always being developed and in turn personal relationships are strengthened and more rewarding. 


Campers know teamwork.  Teamwork requires campers to work cooperatively with each other toward a shared purpose.  Campers work together in everything from sports strategies, to building a fire for the rope burn during Color War. Teamwork is a highly social activity that involves interaction and exchanging of ideas, leading to another great quality.  

Campers use critical thinkingThis higher level thinking involves in depth discussions and allows for multiple responses and interpretations.  Critical thinking is a valuable skill that will prepare campers for future success. 

So get out there and be more like an Iroquois Springs camper…challenge yourself, care about others, get silly, gain confidence, develop strong relationships, be a part of a team, and use critical thinking.  All of these qualities can make life happier, healthier and much more rewarding.  What could be better for the New Year?

Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy and completely amazing New Year!!!!