Happy New Year!

admin-ajax.php-4 Happy New Year! The holidays are over and 2015 has arrived. The start of the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and make plans for the year ahead.   January 1st is a traditional time to celebrate a new beginning and set goals and resolutions. Making resolutions can be exciting, as we work toward growth and change. It’s a time to better ourselves and discover who we are and what we are capable of. Setting goals is not always easy, and many resolutions don’t last beyond the month of January, but it never hurts to try to find a new direction and give it your best shot.

The most common resolutions typically focus on personal growth, like resolving to lose weight, save money, get organized, exercise more or break a bad habit. These are all wonderful and meaningful goals for personal growth, but this year why not add a couple to the list that positively impacts others. In addition to bettering yourself, you will be making a difference in the lives of those around you, definitely making it a great year. Happiness increases when we help others, so consider some of the following goals for 2015.

Volunteer your time. Decide what you are passionate about and get involved. Helping others is always time well spent. Sign up to read to children at your local library or walk dogs at an animal shelter. It can be weekly, monthly or just for special events, any time given will be appreciated and rewarding. Focusing on a greater goal keeps us motivated and committed.

Donate what you no longer need. As many of us get organized for the New Year, make sure not to toss items that others can use. Donate old coats and clothing to a local shelter. Bring toys that your family has outgrown to a community center. It’s a great way to get organized and give to others in the process.

Take the time to be kinder, more tolerant, and more patient. Studies show people feel better after performing acts of kindness. It may be taking the time to listen to someone who needs a friend, holding the door for a mom with a stroller, or grabbing an item off the top shelf for someone who can’t reach it. These may seem like simple acts, but can be very valuable. It’s easy to lose sight of those around us when we are busy and stressed. Taking a moment to be kind and thoughtful goes a long way. Resolve to do something thoughtful every day.

Be present…put the phone down. This may be the most challenging resolution of them all. We have grown accustom to having our phones everywhere and anywhere we go, but this year vow to givadmin-ajax.php-3e the people around you the time and courtesy they deserve. Put the phone away while having dinner with friends, as well as when someone is helping you at the store. Give others your undivided attention when possible. It will make your daily interactions more meaningful.

So whatever you decide to do to make this year special, we wish you a year filled with great happiness, kindness and love. We are so excited to be a part of your 2015 and are doing our own countdown to another wonderful summer at Iroquois Springs. Happy New Year!