I am a Difference Maker!

Spending the summers at overnight camp is the opportunity of a lifetime.  Camp is where amazing friendships develop, personal challenges are met and wonderful memories are made.  The fun and adventure of being a camper is incomparable…unless of course you are a camp counselor. Great counselors are a huge part of the reason campers return to camp summer after summer.

Our Staff

Of course campers come back for their friends and activities, but having a great camp counselor makes the summer that much better.

Camp counselors impact the lives of those in their care in so many ways.  A camp counselor plays the role of mentor, coach, parent, and friend.

They are there to encourage, support, guide, and role model.  Being a counselor is one of the most exhausting (in the best way possible) and rewarding jobs one can ever take on.

A summer camp job helps develop leadership skills, communication and problem solving abilities like no other position around.  Counselors learn to manage, lead and motivate campers to be their very best.  It’s a 24/7 hands on experience that will help in any career path.  It is also an incredible environment for those who love working with children, have great enthusiasm and tons of positive energy.

In addition to being a part of the emotional and social development of campers, counselors also develop friendships with fellow counselors, from the US and all over the world.  It’s a wonderful way to learn about and gain appreciation for different cultures. Counselors work hard, but also get a chance to kick back with their fellow counselors playing in the great outdoors and trying things they may never have had the opportunity to do as kids.

Many of the counselors at Iroquois Springs talk about the constant laughter and fun they have with their campers.  They talk about the hugs, the sharing, the trust, and the adventure, that let them know they are making a positive impact on the campers in their care.  There is no feeling as rewarding as watching a grou


p join together, develop trust in one another and become more confident as each camp day goes by.   They also talk about how much they learn from their campers.

Campers have so much to teach us about friendship, communication, courage and empathy.  It’s a job where you get back as much as you give. What a great way to work and enjoy the summer.So if you have not made any summer plans yet and are looking for one of the most rewarding and intense (again, in the best way possible) jobs, look into working at overnight camp.  It’s a decision you will be glad you made.