Looking Forward

As another year came to a close, we reflect on the special people in our lives, the joys and disappointments we experienced, the many lessons we learned, and what we hope for in the New Year.  It’s a mental inventory of “a year in the life”, and a time for setting new goals.  Reflection gives us the opportunity to look at the bigger picture and the things in our lives that really matter.  Things like family, aspirations, well-being, and having true friends to make each experience more meaningful.

“A year in the life” is filled with both highs and lows, moments of celebration, as well occasional set-backs.  Each person reviews the year in their own way, but regardless of how one takes stock of the year, reflection is a valuable exercise that can bring understanding and gratitude for what you have, and what you aspire to going forward.

This time of reflection, as the year comes to a close, is reminiscent of the reflection that takes place at the end of the camp season in early August.  Each summer, as we approach the last days of camp, there is a feeling of reflection in the air.  We think about the forever friends we made, personal challenges we took on, obstacles we overcame, lessons we learned, and the camp moments that made us stronger, kinder and more resilient.  We experience a genuine appreciation for the time we spent together, sharing meals in the dining hall, playing in the great outdoors, singing songs around the camp fire, working as a team, and creating a bond that will last a lifetime.

The last night of camp is our summer time New Year’s Eve with celebration and reflection. We dress up and celebrate at banquet, watch the video recap of the fun we had, and gather together for the burning of the year, where the camp leaders share their thoughts, summer highlights, and gratitude for their camp family and the amazing power of the camp experience.  We listen to CIT’s share their feelings about what the past summer, and all the summers before, means to them and how camp made them who they are today.  In our own way, we reflect on what camp means to all of us.  Reflections of camp are not only felt during those last few days in Rock Hill, but even now as we take stock of “a year in the life.”  We bring this year to a close with warm feelings about camp friends, joy in the memories we built, and excitement for summer 2019.

So, as we celebrate the holiday’s and bring 2018 to close, it’s a great time to reflect, get inspired, and look forward to a New Year filled with happiness and kindness.  Wishing the entire Iroquois Springs family a very happy, healthy, and peaceful holiday season and New Year. We are all looking forward to returning to our summer home in 2019, and creating more wonderful memories with truly amazing friends.  Happy New Year!!!