New Family Orientation

We have officially moved up to camp and are busy getting ready for another amazing summer at Camp Iroquois Springs.    It’s hard to believe that camp is only six weeks away.  We can’t wait to welcome home our returning campers and counselors, and welcome in our new camp family, that will forever be a part of our camp memories.  But before opening day, we will be meeting many of our new campers at the May 19th NEW FAMILY ORIENTATION.  We are so excited to welcome our new families and introduce them to camp, our program, staff, philosophy, and to one another.
We start our day with a delicious BBQ and a staff led tour of camp to introduce (or reacquaint) everyone to the beautiful camp grounds and facilities that make up Iroquois Springs.  Families will view everything from camper bunks, sports fields, and our scenic waterfront, to kitchen stadium, outdoor adventure elements and our new fine arts facility.  Parents will then have the opportunity to meet with our administrative team, who will discuss our camp philosophy and mission, while campers get a chance to meet with their division leaders and get to know one another.  We love that camp friendships will start forming before camp even begins.
New Family Orientation allows our families to become familiar with camp, and also helps us learn more about our new families.  We want to hear your questions and concerns, and hope to help you prepare your child and yourself for the exciting venture into the world of overnight camp.  Parents may want to know how many campers live in a bunk? (typically 12-14, with 2-3 counselors), what happens if campers don’t feel well? (we maintain a full medical team of nurses and doctors), or when parents should start sending letters to camp (first letters should be send at least four days before camp begins).  These and all questions will be answered, along with a checklist of reminders for the days leading up to camp (like making sure all clothing is labeled, and packing a light snack for the ride to camp).  Our goal is to help everyone feel comfortable and secure with camp procedures, and excited about starting the camp season.  We are looking forward to a great day and meeting all of our wonderful new camp families.  See you soon!