Refueling at Camp

Camp is an active place where campers are constantly on the move learning new skills, challenging themselves physically, having a lot of fun and definitely working up an appetite.   Time on the lake, on the fields, and walking from activity to activity, has campers looking forward to meals and snack time to keep them energized and happy throughout the day.  Providing campers with nutritious foods and water to stay focused and productive is essential during hot summer days.  Even the pickiest of eaters looks forward to refueling with delicious homemade food cooked by the camp chef and his kitchen crew.

Refueling with healthy foods is important because it helps campers improve skill and concentration, stay energized, and improve overall mood.  It’s also important that campers drink enough fluids to stay hydrated, so they are encouraged throughout the day to drink from the water coolers that are spread out throughout camp.   Experts say that the best way for kids to meet their energy needs is to eat real foods and eat regular meals that are as nutritious as possible.  Camp meals and snacks give campers the nutrition and energy needed to keep up their stamina all day long.

Meal time at camp is not only the perfect time to refuel but is also an important part of the day because it brings campers and counselors together to laugh, cheer, and connect as a community.  Campers and counselors sit together, face-to-face, and learn to communicate.  Family style meals expose campers to new foods they may not have tried before and expand their food preferences.  Meal time gives campers an opportunity to become more responsible individuals as they clear their plates and help out.   Campers also become more independent by making food choices. Counselors model healthy eating habits and encourage campers to try a variety of food choices but give campers the space to make independent choices.  Campers with special dietary needs, including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and peanut and tree nut free, are also offered a delicious and balanced menu, and are taken care of when it comes to getting the proper nutrition they require to stay fueled and focused throughout the day.

Today’s camper is more aware than ever before of good nutrition and taking care of their bodies, and camp is right along with them to offer healthy choices.  No matter what meal is being served, nutritious choices are always part of the menu.  From eggs, oatmeal, waffles and fresh fruit at breakfast time, to an expansive salad bar of vegetables, grains and protein (in addition to the main dishes) at lunch and dinner, campers eat well-balanced meals throughout the day.  This balance allows campers to indulge in and enjoy a delicious homemade dessert at dinner, and their favorite treat at canteen, and still have the proper energy for a great camp experience.

Yes, canteen!!! Camp wouldn’t be camp without the excitement of running up to canteen for a favorite treat.  Campers love gathering with friends up at canteen for a treat and some hang time before or after evening activities.   The canteen choices are plentiful and have come a long way since the days of just candy and fruit punch.  In addition to the much-loved ice cream or candy bar, canteen now offers healthier choices like veggie sticks, granola bars and pop-corners.  Canteen (and healthy canteen) is a great way to end the day of filling our appetites and having the fuel needed to get up and start another active and amazingly fun day at camp!