img_9409The school year has officially started for students everywhere.  The carefree days of camp and summer have come to an end, and the time is here to get organized, hit the books and return to afterschool and extracurricular activities.  For many students this is time of great transition.  Some are entering elementary school, moving up to middle and high school, or even starting their freshman year at college.  There are new buildings to navigate, new teachers to meet, new friends to make, new schedules to follow, and new expectations to fulfill.  These changes can be challenging and certainly test one’s resilience.

Resilience, the ability to adapt well to change and keep going in the face of adversity, helps you bounce back stronger, more confident and more capable.  Resilient people are able to utilize skills and strengths to cope with challenges.  While some of us are born with a high threshold for tolerating stressors, it’s good to know that we can also build and strengthen our resilience with practice.  And one of the best places for children to learn and practice resilience is summer camp.

Summer camp builds resilience to last a lifetime.  Camp is the perfect place to build self-confidence, provide a sense of belonging and connection, develop independence, and allow for healthy risk taking…all leading to greater resilience.  Camp allows kids to problem solve and learn from their mistakes with guidance and support in a nurturing environment. Camp encourages stepping outside of one’s comfort zone in so many healthy ways.  When campers face challenges, from conquering the high ropes course to problem solving with bunkmates, it paves the way for them to take on new challenges and copeimg_9368 with life’s transitions.  The autonomy that camp provides, away from the watchful eyes of parents, gives kids the freedom to make mistakes, learn from them, and own the experience.  This independence builds their character and ability to face obstacles with determination and confidence.   Campers learn to ask for help and negotiate their way through the camp day, all leading to essential life skills that build resilience.

So, as we say so long to summer and the amazing time we had at camp, we hope the start of the school year has been an exciting and positive one with great classes, friends and activities. But, even if it’s been a bit challenging, know that you are well equipped to navigate the obstacles you may face along the way.  Enjoy the start of the school year, embrace the challenges, and keep camp memories close to your heart!