Swimming Season is Here!

A few weeks ago we celebrated Memorial Day and remembered those who have died to protect our freedom.  But Memorial Day has also come to signify the start of summer, celebrated with cookouts, family get-togethers and our entry back to the water.  Be it the beach, backyard pool, local lake, or community pool club, swimming is in for the season.  As pools, beaches and camps open, the importance of water safety and learning to swim comes into focus. 
The American Red Cross website has an extensive list of water safety tips to keep your family safe this summer.  Here a just a few to help ensure everyone has a safe and fun summer in the water.
        Learn to swim.  The best thing anyone can do to stay safe in and around water is to learn to swim. 
        Know before you go.  Don’t swim if you don’t know if it’s safe. 
        Wear a coast guard approved life jacket if you are unfamiliar with the area.
        Always closely supervise children whenever they are near any body of water. 
         Swim with a buddy in a designated area that is supervised by lifeguards.
        Pay attention to local weather conditions and forecasts.  Stop swimming at the first indication of bad weather.
        Enroll in Red Cross water safety, first aid, and CPR courses to learn how to respond in an emergency.
At Camp Iroquois Springs, we only hire American Red Cross trained and certified lifeguards and swim instructors for our Aquatics program.  We follow their program and procedures, along with the New York State Department of Health, to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable in and around the water.  We know that the aquatics program is a highlight of the camp experience.  Our campers love swimming in our Olympic size pools, playing on the aqua playground, water skiing, wake and knee boarding, tubing, kayaking, and so much more.  In addition to the Red Cross swimming and water safety program, we require that all campers wear life jackets when participating in water sports on the lake, always swim with a buddy, and conduct routine buddy checks during swim periods.
All campers up to 7th grade participate in swim lessons and are given the skills to enjoy their time in the water.  Taking part in swimming and water sports is not only fun, but offers many health benefits.  Swimming keeps your heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture.  Swimming gives children more opportunity to make friends and gain confidence.  It opens the door to countless other sports and activities, and is a skill to have for a lifetime.   
So as the temperatures start to soar and you head to the beach, a trip at the lake, or off to camp, enjoy a happy and safe summer in the water.  We know we will!