6s1a0784Teamwork…the coming together of individuals toward a common interest or goal…it’s everywhere.  Just think about a typical day in your life, and you will discover the many activities and events that involve teamwork.   It’s the department meeting at work, your son’s early morning swim practice, your daughter’s after school robotics club, rehearsal for the theatre production, the evening tennis clinic, and so on.  And it’s never been more important.  In today’s day of regularly being “plugged in”, working with others and forming bonds that promote strength, reliability and support can be the glue that keeps people together.

There is so much to learn from watching a group working together toward a common goal.  To see them effectively communicate, collaborate, and bring out the best in each other to get the job done.  No matter how independent minded you may be, it’s always beneficial to be a part of something bigger.  Research shows that being the member of a team brings greater commitment, productivity and loyalty than working alone.  Whether in a camp, school, or work setting, teamwork applies everywhere.  The opportunities to be a part of a team, and develop the valuable skills that teamwork brings, are endless.  Teamwork can be the pairing of two students for a school presentation, a group of athletes working together to score a touchdown, or an entire camp working together to complete a relay race.    Teamwork creates a rewarding environment where one can find a sense of belonging while developing skills in communication, conflict resolution, socialization, healthy risk taking, and cooperation.  Whatever practice it comes in, teamwork promotes and is essential for success.

What better place todevelop teamwork skills than camp? Summer camp has many powerful activities and moments where teamwork is displayed at its best.

  • Teamwork is at the heart of Outdoor Adventure. At OA, campers work together as a team to get through the low and high ropes elements.  Small groups learn to communicate, problem solve
    and trust in each other to conquer challenges.
  • Moments like the Apache Relay, during a friendly competition of Color Week, encourages the teamwork of an entire blue and gold team to work together. Every camper has a responsibility, and every team member’s contribution counts toward the common goal of making it across the finish line first.
  • The special event of the camp theatre production, allows campers to work together, feel part of a community, share ideas and creativity, and put on a successful production in just a few short weeks.
  • And probably the best example of teamwork at camp…living with bunkmates and learning how to work together 24/7. An invaluable lesson in teamwork.  Each individual brings his/her own unique personality and the group learns to work together and unite to become a family.

As all of these camp experiences demonstrate, camp teamwork builds relationships, a sense of belonging, responsibility, ownership, and motivation to work together to reach common goals.  At school, camp, or within your own family, be a part of the team.

6s1a0758“Teamwork…coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”.  Henry Ford