Many observe their surroundings during this time of year and recognize what the year has brought and why they are thankful. This past summer was appreciated and recognized by many as one of the most pivotal moments in our staff and camp families’ lives. Ubiquitously in the camp sector, camp professionals worked tirelessly behind the scenes to show the world how the re-assimilation into a community can be logistically well thought out safety-wise while also making it a pleasant experience for those involved. 

In reflection, being thankful for camp is not just about the experience but also the people

  • The people who got us to the point where we can enjoy the luxury of camp safely. 
  • The people who worked hard to send their children off to camp. 
  • The people on our staff who dedicated their summer to being “difference-makers.” 
  • And most importantly, the people who ultimately gave our camp environment a vibrant sense of community and kindness; our campers.  

Our campers went home wiser, rejuvenized, and some even more mature and taller! With that, we recognize that the growth Iroquois Springs provides does not go for granted. Our camp families entrusted us with their kids, and it is humbling to see how the impact of camp is celebrated every day in the off-season. 

While eating our turkey and being surrounded by our loved ones this Thanksgiving, we at Iroquois Springs will collectively reflect on our appreciation for our unique camp community. We consider ourselves to be the lucky ones in that we have the opportunity to watch your kids grow, evolve, and be the best version of themselves. 

This holiday season, you have the opportunity to help SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) provide children from economically disadvantaged families with life-changing opportunities at summer camp. This will further enable kids to thrive and grow at camp and beyond, you can donate here and spread the word.

We would love to hear from our camp parents, staff, and campers why they are thankful this year. Camp-related or not, you are welcome to hashtag #WeAreThankfulIS on social media. Also, feel free to share with us any thanksgiving school projects, thanksgiving photos, and thoughts on why you are thankful this holiday season by emailing us at

We are always thankful for all involved in the Iroquois Springs community and wish your families a safe and joyous holiday season.