The Good Times of Summer 2013

It’s hard to believe that summer 2013 has ended and we had to say “so long” to our incredible campers and amazing staff that made this camp season so memorable.  By now everyone is back to their home routines and hopefully enjoying the remainder of the summer time.  As exciting as it is to get back to loved ones at home, we know you miss your camp family and your summer home at Iroquois Springs.  Luckily the conveniences of technology keep our camp friends close by, and the wonderful memories of camp live on. 
A definite highlight for us is watching our campers experience all the exciting activities that camp has to offer.  We have seen the power of friendship, teamwork, and community.  Every single day at camp gave us the opportunity to see campers take on personal challenges with determination and confidence.  And when they weren’t learning new skills or taking on new challenges, they were simply enjoying the freedom to play, laugh, and just get silly.   We are sure that each and every one of you has wonderful memories of the summer and even some special “you had to be there” moments that make you smile every time you think of them.  Here are some of the summer highlights that we will always remember…
Opening Campfire
Staff Talent Show
July 4th Fireworks Show
DJ Yahney Party
Dorney Park Trip
Castle Trip
Annie at the IS Playhouse
Project Morry Swim-A-Thon
Crazy Hat Day
Hypnotist Brad Henderson
Mock Rock
Order of the Blue and Gold
Senior Trip to Washington DC
Mountain Creek
Burning of the Year

We hope you enjoyed these summer memories as much as we did.  Thank you for being a part of the Iroquois Springs experience and making summer 2013 so amazing.  We will miss you all and can’t wait to see you at the reunion, and of course back in Rock Hill for Summer 2014!  Enjoy the start of the school year and remember to stay in touch!!!  Stay tuned for new blogs in September.