The New Fitness Center

file-2One of the best places to keep physically active is at summer camp. Camp gives us endless opportunities to play in the great outdoors, while enjoying a variety of fun and challenging ways to exercise and stay healthy. Physical fitness is at the core of camp life, and we value the benefits regular exercise has on the body and mind. Physical activity leads to stronger muscles and bone structure, helps maintain a healthy weight, and gives us a stronger immune system. It decreases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Physical activity improves body image and self-esteem, and boosts confidence. It promotes better sleep, increases energy levels, and gives a sense of calm and well-being. Exercise can also connect you to friends in a social setting, improve teamwork, leadership, and social skills.

These benefits are important to everyone at Iroquois Springs, and that is why we are so excited about the New Fitness Center for Summer 2017. This state of the art building, overlooking our beautiful lake, is going to be a great addition to camp and the exceptional fitness program that camp fitness director, “Tara Fitness”, has created. Tara keeps exercise interesting with her endless energy, encouragement, and challenging classes. Tara makes getting fit fun, with expert classes that keep us moving and feeling great. Campers and staff can look forward to the ongoing classes that have always been a favorite at camp, but will have a new space to enjoy reaching their personal best. The new fitness center will be stocked with state of the art equipment, a new weight room, cross fit station, spin room, HIIT training, barre fitness, and a studio for speed and agility. A spacious deck on the back of the building, overlooking the lake, will be the perfect location for yoga and Pilates. We all look forward to this amazing new space for campers and staff to continue to get healthy and happy.

When campers are not scheduled for the fitness center, they are still moving their bodies and staying healthy with all that camp offers. From organized sports, to time in the aqua playground, performing in the dance studio or participating in the tennis ladder, campers are physically active doing the things they love to do. There is no doubt of the physical and emotional benefits that regular exercise provides and the value it brings throughout the year. So, no matter what the season, stay moving and bring your love of fitness to camp for summer 2017. We can’t wait!