The Power of Camp Friendships

For those of you who recently had a winter vacation, we hope it was a week filled with fun, adventure and some relaxation.  The weather in the Northeast has definitely been less than ideal these past few months, so the warmer temperatures over the break were welcoming for those who had a “staycation”, as well as for those who ventured south.  But no matter what climate you were in, time off from school and work is a great opportunity to recharge and spend quality time with family and friends.

One of the most exciting parts of my family’s Florida vacation was unexpectantly running into IS camp friends.  There was not a day that went by, from waiting to board the airplane, to taking a walk through a bird sanctuary, that we did not see the familiar smile of a fellow IS camper and have a quick moment to hug and catch up.

There is nothing like the camp community and the friendships that are formed at summer camp.  Where else do kids spend 24/7 playing, learning and living alongside one another?   Campers learn the value of friendship by sharing, communicating, problem solving and supporting one another through both the good and difficult times.  Camp friends know one another’s secrets, fears, and dreams, and love you for who you are.  Campers not only bond with their bunkmates, but become part of an extended family with campers and staff of all ages.

The opportunities to develop meaningful friendships throughout camp are plentiful. Campers bond with bunkmates they live with, during chosen electives with friends that share a common interest, when participating in intercamp games, by joining the cast of the camp play, and being a part of college days and color week… the opportunities are endless.  Being a part of the IS family is sharing a special bond that surrounds us at camp and lives on all year long.

Camp friendships are unique because they are formed in an “undistracted” stress-free environment.    Camp allows kids to be themselves and relate to one another without the usual technology they are plugged into the rest of the year.  The constant distraction of iphones, social media, and video games are left behind, and campers and staff can focus on forming meaningful connections and having fun in a safe and supportive environment.  There is no doubt that friendships grow naturally when kids can just be kids!

Camp is filled with traditions and adventures that bring everyone together, where they share real life experiences, and of course their love of CAMP.  It won’t be long before summer 2018 is here and camp friends, new and returning, can enjoy their summer home filled with fun, love, and invaluable friendships that will live on forever.