The Transition from School to Camp – Just 2 Weeks to Go!

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” as sang by the group Semisonic in their song, Closing Time.  This song comes to mind as we approach the end of the school year and get ready for the summer months.  June is filled with graduations, end of year celebrations, sports playoffs and dance recitals, and there is a definite buzz in the air.  School year routines are coming to an end and the transition to overnight camp and summer adventure begins.  This transition from school life to camp life is exciting, but can also be filled with mixed emotions.  Though students may be cheering about no more homework and test taking, they do form attachments to teachers, classmates and routines, and may feel a sense of sadness as their familiar routines come to an end.  There is also the transition they will be making from the comforts of home (including loved ones) to new surroundings, counselors and friends.  And though most campers are thrilled about going to camp and can’t wait for the summer to begin, it is natural for some to experience nervousness about their new or returning journey.    So if you have a child that is beginning to feel the upcoming changes in the air, and have some concerns about their transition to camp life, here are some last minute tips to make the transition period a bit easier.
Pack some comforts of home like a favorite pillow, stuffed animal, family photos, and stationary to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.   To make camp a bit more familiar, review camp materials and the exciting special events that will take place all summer.  Plan a special day together between school and camp for family time.  Having the week off gives families the perfect opportunity to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.  Be a great listener.  If your child verbalizes any concerns about camp, listen with an empathic ear and let them know their concerns are normal and natural.  Maybe share a similar experienceyou had during your childhood, and how you got through it.  Let them know you understand.   And most importantly, empower your child to let them know you believe in them and that they will have an amazing summer at camp.  Accentuate the positive and remind them of all the wonderful opportunities they will have and the friends they will make.  The confidence that you have in them will become the confidence they have in themselves.

Our staff is here at camp preparing for an unforgettable summer and we can’t wait for your arrival.  Enjoy the remainder of the school year.  Celebrate all the graduations and accomplishments of the year, enjoy some family time, and get ready for a summer that will be truly amazing. We know that transitions can be challenging but we also know that coming to camp is one transition that will be wonderful.  See you soon!!!!