Tours and Explorer Camp – 2014

Summer 2014 may seem a long way off, but if you are thinking about sending your child to camp next summer, than it’s never too early to start considering your options.  Choosing an overnight camp is an important decision, and finding the right fit for your child takes time and research.  Many families have already started to gather camp materials, and spoken to friends and neighbors whose children currently attend overnight camp, both great ways to start the search.  But a super great way to narrow down the list of possible camps is to take a camp TOUR.  Touring camp is a fantastic way to learn firsthand all about a camp’s program and values.  A tour allows you to see a camp in action, meet with the director and key staff, learn more about the activities campers are involved in, and see the facilities.  In addition, you get a feel for the tradition, spirit and philosophy of camp….all very important parts of camp life and deciding if it meets your child’s needs and your family values.
A camp tour also allows you to ask questions and get answers to any concerns your family may have.  Camp directors want to answer your questions and present a full picture of what their camp is all about.  Many families say that they did not even realize to ask about certain things until they came to camp and were exposed to everything from the daily schedule of camper activities, to bunking and meal times.
In addition to touring, many camps offer a day or overnight experience for future campers to get a feel for what an actual camp experience is all about.  Here at Iroquois Springs, we offer the Explorers program for future campers entering 2ndthrough 5th grades.  In this two-day unique, well rounded program, Explorers get a chance to experience what an Iroquois Springs camper enjoys each day throughout the summer and discover what camp is all about.  By touring with us, or having your child participate in our Explorers program, you see firsthand that we will nurture and take care of your child while providing them more fun, more activity and more growth than they can imagine.  Our goal is to help your child build confidence, develop lifetime friendships, and challenge themselves both mentally and physically.
If you are interested in visiting us this summer, just give our office a call (845.434.6500) to schedule a tour or enroll your child in our Explorers program.  We can’t wait to get to know your family, show you around camp, and have you see what Iroquois Springs is all about.  See you soon!