Tyler left as an Explorer of Iroquois Springs

Every summer, the Iroquois Springs family welcomes future campers to our “Explorers” program.  This 2 day overnight camp experience, for children entering 1st through 4th grades, is a perfect introduction to the world of camp.  Explorers get a chance to discover what an Iroquois Springs camper enjoys each day throughout the summer, and quickly becomes a part of the family.  It’s an opportunity to try new activities, make friends, gain independence and see what Camp Iroquois Springs is all about.


One of our 2013 Explorer campers, Tyler, told us about his incredible time at Iroquois Springs.  Tyler is a 3rd grader from Long Island, NY.  He lives with his mom and dad, younger brother and sister, and his dog Trapper.  His favorite subject in school is math, he likes tennis and football, is completely obsessed with Mind Craft, and hopes to one day invent the “Ty” phone.  The Explorers program was his first overnight camp experience, and he loved every minute of it.

Were you excited to be an Explorer?

“I had never been away from home without my parents, except to sleep at my grandparent’s house, but I was excited to go to camp.  My mom told me what it would be like and we picked out some things for me to bring, like a flashlight and a disposable camera.  I took lots of pictures of the camp and my friends and made an album when I got home”

What was the bus ride like? 

“The bus was so much fun.  The counselors on the bus were so nice and I got to meet and talk with other kids that I never met before.  We did Mad-Libs, which was really funny, and just hung out until we got to camp”.

What was it like when you got to camp?

“When we got off the bus everyone screamed “Welcome Explorers” and I met my counselor Sean.  He was very nice and excited for us to explore camp.  We met the Camp Directors Mark, Laura, and Bubba and lots of other staff.  Some campers were holding up signs welcoming us, which was really nice”. 

What did you do at camp?

“We did so many amazing activities.  We played basketball, went swimming, went to U-Build-It, where I made a cool project that I got to take home, cooked at Kitchen Stadium and went on the zip line.  My favorite things to do were the aqua playground, rock band, and I loved the movie theater.  At night we made a campfire, sang songs and had smores.  We also went to the canteen”. 

How was the food?

“The food was great.  I loved the grilled cheese the best.  At breakfast there was an Iroquois Springs newspaper that we got to read.  I hope I get featured in the newspaper this summer”.

 You must have been tired by the end of the day.  How was sleeping in the bunk?

“Sleeping in the bunk was fun.  We told ghost stories and laughed.  I was very good at telling ghost stories.  The counselors were really nice and helpful and I made friends with everyone”. 

Are you looking forward to becoming an Iroquois Springs camper this summer?

“Camp is awesome and I can’t wait for it to start.  I hope I get to see some of the other Explorer’s I met last summer and also can’t wait to make new friends.  I’m excited to do everything at camp this summer.  We have already started shopping for some camp supplies and getting ready.  It’s going to be great”.


If you are interested in the Explorers program or want to know more about the life of an Iroquois Springs camper, visit us online or give us a call at 631-462-2550 today.  We look forward to welcoming you to our camp family.