Welcome to the Iroquois Springs Movie Theater

The overnight camp experience is filled with so many exciting and challenging activities, and Camp Iroquois Springs offers just about everything a camper could want for an incredible summer.  A typical day is packed with activities in outdoor adventure, aquatics, land sports, performing arts, fine arts, horseback riding, lacrosse & soccer clinics, kitchen stadium, skate park, and the fitness center… to name a few!!!  Campers are constantly learning new skills, challenging themselves, and discovering new interests each and every day.  We love watching our campers enthusiastically engage in all that camp has to offer.
In all the action that happens during the camp day, we know the importance of having some down time as well.  So aside from daily rest hour, what does camp offer for campers to kick back and relax with their friends?  Welcome to the Iroquois Springs Movie Theater!  With the big screen and authentic movie theater seats, our kids love this part of camp.  Going to the movies gives us a chance to escape into another world of mystery, enchantment, and exciting places of the past and future. The movies offer a window into worlds that open the imagination and get us thinking.  Movies make us feel, react, and get excited.  It’s even more fun to share this experience with friends.
The best part about the Iroquois Springs Movie Theater is that the film (always kid friendly) will never be interrupted by ringing cell phones or the texting of the person sitting next to you.  The theater is a great place to escape a rainy day, and an even better place to celebrate a summer birthday.  Campers that have a summer birthday get to choose the movie and have a pizza party in the theater.  A celebration that the entire bunk enjoys!  We love having the Movie Theater at camp and we know our campers feel the same way.