Welcoming 2017

With just weeks away from the New Year, it’s the perfect time to take inventory of all the events and moments that shaped our lives in 2016. There are favorite memories of the school year, the unforgettable camp season, the accomplishments reached, and the challenges that tested our strength. All of these moments make us who we are and guide us toward our hopes for a successful and fulfilling 2017.

The coming of the New Year and reflection back over the past 12 months leads us to thoughts about resolutions and promises of self-improvement. Some people view January 1st as just another day, while others make resolutions and set their sights on something new, something better. For the goal setters, the New Year brings a sense of hope, a fresh start, and a time to start a new journey. Though following through with resolutions can be difficult and even short lived, there is still a great sense of hope that comes from wanting to better oneself. Setting reasonable and manageable goals to work towards keep us motivated, confident, and hopeful…and hope brings success.

Some of the most common resolutions that top the list year after year include, to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, get organized, spend less money, find a new job, learn something new, and give up a bad habit. These common goals keep us on the road to reaching our personal best. The list may also include resolutions that give back to others, like giving to charity, volunteering, or being a better friend. Stepping outside of ourselves brings an even greater reward and feeling of success. But regardless of the resolution, having something to work toward brings benefits of increased productivity, greater fulfillment, positive attitude, and reduced stress.

You don’t have to set out to completely reinvent yourself in order to work toward a better you. Choose even one goal that would bring a bit of optimism and confidence to your life, and make a plan. Have reasonable expectations and share your goal with a friend who will support your resolve to improve upon your life. It may just bring a greater sense of self and happiness all year long.

Most importantly…Happy New Year! Resolutions or not, enjoy every moment of the New Year and get ready for another unforgettable summer at Iroquois Springs. Let the countdown to summer 2017 begin!!