Working at an Overnight Camp

The cold weather is upon us here in the Northeast, but before we know it temperatures will rise and signs of Spring will crop up.  In a few short months, college students will be coming home for their summer vacations…3 ½ months off from the stressors and demands of course work.  College students will be trading in their school books for the responsibilities of a summer job.  Some will be headed to the local retail store or office building, and then there are those who will be packing up to work at summer camp.    Yes…summer camp.  A place filled with endless activities, friends, and excitement around the clock!  What may sound like a simple job of watching kids and having fun, involves challenges and skills that are unimaginable. There are very few job opportunities that offer so many personal and professional rewards as being a camp counselor.  Camp provides a beautiful outdoor environment to work with children and positively impact their lives in so many ways. Camp counselors are looked to as role models, friends, surrogate parents, and in the eyes of a child…a hero.  The skill set counselors learn and practice on a daily basis include skills in leadership, communication, responsibility, problem solving, decision making, empathy, and accountability…skills that future employers, in any field, look for and value in their employees.
Acquiring these skills does not come from sitting around and supervising campers…it comes from hard work, involvement and dedication.  Being a camp counselor is as challenging as it is rewarding.  It’s a 24/7 job that will be remembered for a lifetime. And jobs at camp are not limited to being a group counselor and guiding campers through their daily activities.  Activity Specialists job opportunities are also available and an essential part of the camp experience.  As camps grow and increase activity options, the job opportunities continue to grow. Instructors are needed for vast outdoor adventure programs, extensive water sports programs, sports clinics, arts, cooking and even skateboard parks.  Here at Iroquois Springs, the job opportunities grow each year as we develop new and exciting programs for our campers.  This year, we have added a third Art Studio for summer 2013 that will offer Digital Media (photography, film making and commercials), Wearable Art (silk screen and tye dye) and U-Build-It (to create and build).  These additions in programming bring new staff members to the Iroquois Springs family that enjoy teaching and are experts in their area of interest.
For those potential camp staff members who may be concerned about working at a summer camp if they have never done so before….no worries.  Camps provide an extensive camp staff training to prepare counselors and specialist for what the summer ahead will be like.  During this period, staff members learn all there is to know about camp, working with children and emergency procedures.  Staff is well prepared and gains confidence in taking on this very important and special role.  Camp staff training is also a great time to get to know fellow staff and bond as a group even before the first camper steps foot off the bus.  Here at Iroquois Springs we are a family that works together to make the summer a wonderful and memorable one for all our campers and staff.  So if you are a college student or know of one that wants to experience a fulfilling and rewarding summer, look for a summer camp job.  It will be a decision well made.