Working at Camp

It’s been said that working as a camp counselor is the hardest job you will ever love.   Truer words could not be spoken. Camp counselors and activity specialists work tirelessly to create a summer experience that campers will remember for a lifetime.  They care for campers by encouraging them to challenge themselves and take healthy risks, gain confidence and independence, and become leaders.  They create a camp family who work together, communicate, and support one another.  And through this family, counselors experience the rewards of knowing they played a significant role in the lives of their campers.

Camp staff at Iroquois Springs are more than a group of people who love working with children.  They fully embrace their many responsibilities.  Iroquois Springs staff are referred to as “Difference Makers”.  And it’s more than just the words on their staff t-shirts.  It’s the way they approach every moment at camp.  They act as role models, teachers, big brothers and sisters, summer “parents”, and friends. IS staff are dedicated to making sure every camper feels a sense of belonging, accomplishment and personal growth.    It’s a job that involves long hours and a great deal of energy and patience, but it also offers a summer of endless fun in the great outdoors, friendship, and invaluable hands on experience working with people. Counselors gain important skills of leadership, teamwork, management, conflict resolution, creativity, and communication.  Regardless of career goals, a camp job enhances job marketability in any field of work and gives staff a leg up with future employers.

Working at camp also means the opportunity to take a breather from technology and being plugged in 24/7.  Staff members have access to the internet and their phones during their time off, but for the most part, they are fully engaged with campers and other staff members, enjoying the great outdoors and experiencing camp life full on.  Forming relationships and spending time away from social media and technology helps staff and campers connect face-to-face in real time.  Allowing for a much-needed break for everyone.

When hiring new staff members, Iroquois Springs looks for educators and individuals who have a desire to positively impact the lives of campers by leading, inspiring, caring, and encouraging them to trust themselves in all that they set out to accomplish.   We look for Activity Specialists that possess the skills and expertise to teach in their area of interest and enthusiasm to help campers discover new interests and improve performance.  But most importantly, we search for talented staff who are dedicated to making a positive difference in a child’s life by putting the needs of campers first and understanding that the rewards gained from the experience are second to none.

A couple of letters, well worth reading, about the summer camp job experience are in the Winter Edition of “The Iroquois Springs Times”.  These letters highlight the positive impact camp has on the lives of IS staff. “Counselor Corner” by Matthew Memming, is a heartfelt journey through the years of being a counselor, and “Thank you” from Camp Mom Yve, is an expression of the genuine honor of taking care of boys’ side for the past 16 years.   It’s all about the magic of working at camp.

Everyone is getting excited for summer 2017 as IS welcomes back returning staff and embraces new staff to the Iroquois Springs family.  Get ready to be a true “Difference Maker”!